Heather Brazier and Nigel Martin

Testimonial for the Gorge Waterway home

Bob built our new home on the Gorge Waterway in 2011. He was a trusted source of advice even before we bought the lot, helping us choose between 3 lots and educating us about the site’s many constraints. Throughout the process, we really appreciated Bob’s candor and his sense of humour.

Not only does Bob bring years of experience to the job, he has a stable of excellent trades people. They do quality work and are customer focused. Bob really excels at knowing what options are available; we relied heavily on his advice, whether it was about heating systems or faucets. His focus on building green, energy efficient homes is exemplary. Our 2,800 square foot, two storey home is in the first tier of hydro rates for about 9 months of the year!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our home. For a project of this size, with first time home builders (us), there is practically nothing that we would wish to “do over”. Our new home has enhanced our lives immeasurably, and for that we are eternally grateful to Bob and his team.

Heather Brazier and Nigel Martin


Annette Hart

I have known Bob Harris for approximately 9 years. He did a renovation for us which turned into a rebuild due to initial poor building practices. During this very stressful time, he guided us through the rebuild process in a very professional manner. His knowledge of the building industry is excellent, and even though the renovation became more than anyone had anticipated, he was able to keep it organized and coped with all the problems which came up.

I have also used him to build several spec. houses which were done on time and on budget, in some cases below budget. All were done professionally and everyone who looked at the houses were impressed with the workmanship and functionality of the houses. He built a new waterfront home for me in Saanich, which was completed very quickly and with excellent workmanship as well. I have had many people comment on how well built the house is. He is very agreeable and his trades are very organized.

I have also recommended him to some other people who have used his services and they have all been impressed.

Bob and Sharon Cross

After searching for several weeks we found the perfect home in the Royal Bay area. The quality of the construction in this house by R N Harris Builders is 1st rate, and the finishing is superb. Hardwood floors, onyx counters, low-windows, custom moldings, quality cabinets, and 9 foot ceilings are all standard in homes by Bob Harris. Bob Harris lives in the area, and takes pride in the workmanship of his homes. What really impressed us is his availability to follow up and personally take care of any questions about our new home. Nothing is left unanswered. We would highly recommend R N Harris Builders to any prospective homebuyers looking for quality and satisfaction.

Brooke & Joshua

Thank you so much for all you’ve done for our family.  If anyone ever asks you for a reference, don’t hesitate to give our names.  We really enjoyed the house-building adventure with you – something I don’t think all people get to say after they’ve done it.  You listened to our ideas, however hair-brained, and brought good ones of your own – always realistic about what could be done, but eager to try to find a way to translate our dream for this house into actual reality. And we always appreciated your attention to detail and quality.  I am confident our home is well-built and that brings tremendous peace of mind.  Moreover, when we sat down with you initially and asked what it would cost to build the quality of home we wanted, you gave us a figure not unlike the final one we paid.  There were no surprises.  If we went over budget on something it was because we decided to splurge on some unnecessary upgrade, not because we had to go over budget just to get the job done.  All in all it was a lot of fun, and we hope to spend many years enjoying this home.  Thanks again!